bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Sault Ste. Marie


We have you covered from floor to ceiling.


We have specialists that work with you every step of the way; from the consultation to designing the project with you and finally constructing the project so you may realize your dreams come true.

Communication is our strength. Keeping you advised while receiving your opinion and input as we progress. Yes, we do it all. There is no worry. We do all of the coordination, all the running around, and we ensure a stress free experience.

We utilize certified electricians, plumbers, engineers, architects, drywallers, flooring installers and painters. All our work is guaranteed and insured.
Our designers will listen to your needs, wants and dreams and work within your budget.
And yes, we do make your dreams come true.


If you are looking for a smaller scale project or interested in just getting some advice on interior design, one of our consultants can assist. Based on a series of meetings and information from you, a consultant can provide a plan and the necessary resources for you to move ahead with your project.


Our team of skilled professionals will install your new selection with care and quality. We have the experience needed to complete the job to the highest standards and will teach you how to care for you new stone furnishing so that it continues to looks great, even after years of use.