Lighting Installation service sault ste. marie


Home is where the heart is; your space should live up to this.


Modern kitchens often hide lighting under cabinets or in the ceiling through recessed lighting. Adding fixtures that can be shown off and enjoyed can make a big impact. If you have a kitchen island or counter return, adding mini pendants is a good place to start. They add aesthetic appeal and build an interesting focal point at a very reasonable price. Or, upgrade from a simple single bulb fixture in the kitchen to a more interesting multi-bulb unit with a dimmer.

In baths and kitchens, consider replacing fixtures with dated finishes with more contemporary choices. Many manufacturers now make light fixtures in finishes that complement some of the more popular choices for plumbing fixtures.

Finally, when you’re lighting a room, keep in mind that you need to use more than one light and more than one kind of light. A balance of overhead lights (on dimmers), floor lamps and/or table lamps will produce the most aesthetically pleasing, livable atmosphere.