Kitchen Cabinets in Sault Ste. Marie


Home is where the heart is; your kitchen should live up to this.

The key to a well designed kitchen is not necessarily what you see on the outside. Although the external details will certainly garner admiration from family and friends, it will be the internal accessories that make you smile day after day. Your kitchen will simply perform better with specific accessories for tray storage, pantry goods, cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, trash and recycling bins.

Our Standard Construction offers many features which are considered upgrades in other lines of cabinetry: All wood construction, finished plywood sides, plywood shelves, solid wood dovetail drawers, real birch veneered interiors, full extension soft close drawer glides, solid birch full overlay glazed doors and five piece drawer heads.

Smart Cabinetry incorporates both solid hardwoods and hardwood veneers in it’s products. These are natural materials with inherent variations in colour, grain, densities, and character amongst the differing species. These variations are at the heart of the unique and natural beauty of finished hardwood.

In 2016, Elmwood joined Cabico Group, further cementing Cabico’s reputation as one of
America’s leading makers of custom cabinetry. Building on this new synergy and on shared values of engagement and quality, Cabico is proud to introduce the Elmwood Series.

The idea behind Lectus Cabinets is a simple one – cabinets that look great, perform well, and cost a lot less than you’d expect. Cabinets that offer unbelievable value. Cabinets that make you feel, well, kind of like “the sharpest knife in the drawer.” 

When you buy Cabinetsmith cabinetry you can rest assured that over 95% of the inner parts to Cabinetsmith cabinets are from Canadian sources, and our cabinets are manufactured in Barrie, Ontario. We are truly a “Proudly Canadian” company.

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If you are looking for a smaller scale project or interested in just getting some advice on interior design, one of our consultants can assist. Based on a series of meetings and information from you, a consultant can provide a plan and the necessary resources for you to move ahead with your project.


Our team of skilled professionals will install your new selection with care and quality. We have the experience needed to complete the job to the highest standards and will teach you how to care for you new stone furnishing so that it continues to looks great, even after years of use.