Kitchen countertop & cupboards Sault Ste. Marie


Home is where the heart is; your space should live up to this.


The key to a well designed kitchen is not necessarily what you see on the outside. Although the external details will certainly garner admiration from family and friends, it will be the internal accessories that make you smile day after day. Your kitchen will simply perform better with specific accessories for tray storage, pantry goods, cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, trash and recycling bins. 

Kitchen Cabinets in Sault Ste. Marie


Onofrio’s knows that the modern kitchen is not just for cooking any more. It has been transformed into a place where we gather with family, entertain friends, and spend a significant portion of our time. Today’s trend in kitchen remodeling is focused more on open spaces and has many homeowners removing walls and merging rooms in order to enlarge the kitchen. Even if your kitchen remodeling plan is complicated, Onofrio’s Kitchen, Bath, Flooring design specialists are trained to provide you with the result you desire instead of the same old “cookie cutter” big box store solution.

In addition we do complete kitchen renovations. We have the skilled craftsmen to professionally gut and rebuild your kitchen. Leave it to us, stress free and worry free. We do it all from consulting, designing, counter tops, tiled back splashes, flooring, cabinets, lighting fixtures, drywalling, electrical, plumbing, and painting. We truly are a “one stop shop”.


A beautiful quality faucet is an essential component of any kitchen. At Onofrio’s, our kitchen faucet collection is so expansive, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect faucet to complement your kitchen. Whether it’s contemporary, traditional or transitional, chrome or antique bronze etc. Onofrio’s will have the faucet to fit your needs style and budget.




If you are looking for a smaller scale project or interested in just getting some advice on interior design, one of our consultants can assist. Based on a series of meetings and information from you, a consultant can provide a plan and the necessary resources for you to move ahead with your project.


Our team of skilled professionals will install your new selection with care and quality. We have the experience needed to complete the job to the highest standards and will guide you choose the right kitchen to meet your current and future needs.